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Project planning, installation and pipeline construction - MMG from Upper Austria provides with safety class work

Safety in the workplace is one of the basic requirements for strong work performance and efficient operation. Provide security means taking responsibility. Responsibility for companies, employees and the environment. This goal the Muehringer Montage GmbH has set itself. The company also constantly working; improve processes and offer appropriate training to employees.

The safety officer of MMG are striving to create optimum working conditions for all employees.
The area of ​​responsibility of the security officers:

Optimal Management System

In order to ensure work safety and environmental protection constitutes Muehringer Montage GmbH an integrated management system according to the standard SCC **: 2011. The company is committed to improve the safety standards for employees constantly.

Muehringer Montage GmbH in Upper Austria - Expertise in project planning, installation and pipeline construction